We had a real clear out last weekend, spending most of our two days off in the office, tidying, cleaning and binning a load of things we just didn’t need anymore. As I’m sure most of you will know, being self employed tends to generate a LOT of paperwork. So we’ve bought a new filing system (ironically mainly for our personal paperwork rather than anything relating to our business, which is already well organised) and we got rid of anything we didn’t need.

While it felt odd spending the entire weekend in the office, we weren’t working as such. This actually felt quite refreshing and since we never get time to do any tidying during the week, it made sense to get stuck in at the weekend instead.

The upshot of all this is that the office feels (and looks) a lot better and more pleasant to work in than it did previously. We are rather challenged in our office since we have an eBay business as well, and that creates its own ‘stuff’ to store away.

I must admit our office is a real mish mash of.. well, I was going to say styles, but I don’t think I could honestly use the word style to describe what we have. When we moved in to start our business we made do with what we had in terms of furniture. We got two huge bits of MDF and laid them across several pieces of old bedroom furniture – a dressing table, a couple of bedside tables and a chest of drawers. Luckily they were all the same level otherwise I’d be trying to type this on a sliding computer.

The idea was only ever to make do for a while, but it’s around five years now! The success of our business (writing, eBaying, etc) has meant we haven’t had the time or the inclination to do anything about it. Having said that we’re now making small steps towards a total office revamp. We’ve got some more tidying and clearing out to do and then we have to think of temporarily relocating onto laptops to work while we clear out the whole office, get rid of all the old furniture and redecorate. Might be a question of going back to working at the dining room table again, like we did when the roof was being done.

It did get me to thinking how very few of us have the exact office we’d like though. What kind of office space do you have for your writing?

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