You know how it is – trying to complete your own writing jobs when you have a constant stream of really good client work coming in can be tricky. But something good has come out of something bad, as it so often seems to do in life. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know my partner fell down the stairs in January this year, resulting in a fractured coccyx. That meant we couldn’t go and work at our family run home brew shop every Saturday as we normally did.

Now Saturdays used to be work days there as far as my writing career was concerned. But where we’ve had every Saturday off from the shop since January, I’ve actually gotten to the stage where I was able to fit all my work into the five days so I could have a two day weekend. I’ve got loads done around the house and had a clear out to the extent you wouldn’t believe.

Now the coccyx healing is almost complete we’re headed back to the shop this coming Saturday. But I have decided to stick to my usual five days a week working routine as far as clients are concerned. And the Saturday? That will be my day for focusing on my writing work. It could be PLR packs for our PLR website. It could be writing and scheduling blog posts for this and my professional blog. It could also be writing and developing books for the Kindle, another passion of mine I intend to focus on more readily.

Whatever I decide to do (and it could change from week to week) it will be good to have one dedicated day for my own writing projects. I actually find it easier to focus on one whole day rather than trying to slot in smaller jobs on a regular basis throughout the week. Invariably my own jobs get pushed into the background instead of being added into the mix. More often than not I get to the end of the day having completed all my client work, while my own work hasn’t got done. I suspect a lot of writers suffer this same problem.

Anyway I’ll let you know how I get on with this new approach in a couple of weeks – after I take some well earned time off. We’ve got lots of things to do around the home – decorating and the like – so we’re taking an extended break to get it all done. Paint pots here we come!

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