You know every now and then you come across a website that really makes you sit up and take notice? Well I’ve found a solution to the afternoon nibbles we home workers tend to get on a regular basis. I should say before continuing that the site I’m going to share with you is available to join for UK peeps only, so apologies to anyone living further afield who isn’t going to be eligible to join. This blog post now has a dribble warning on it – excessive salivation could occur!

So what is this website? It’s called Graze and the company specialises in sending out boxes of nibbles you can enjoy at your desk while you’re working. I actually came across this website about a year ago but never did anything about it at the time. I wish I had – I joined a week ago and I’ve just had my second box of nibbles delivered today. So I thought I’d introduce you to it.

What kind of nibbles do you get?

Ah yes, the big question! You have more than a hundred to choose from and you can rate them all so you never get anything you wouldn’t at least be willing to try. So for example I went straight on there and binned almost all the nuts and the olives, ’cause they’re not my thing at all. There were a few things I’d be willing to try at least once though and so far there hasn’t been anything I haven’t liked. If I do try something and hate it all I have to do is to go online, log into my account and mark that item as binned. This means Graze won’t send me that item again.

So here are a few of the categories you can choose nibbles from:

* dips and dippers
* breads
* dried fruit and nut mixes
* seeds

There are several others but that should give you an idea of what to expect. The great thing is you never know what is going to be in your box until it turns up. You get four items in each box (the box fits right through your letterbox) and they’ll be different each time. You rate all the foods, binning the ones you hate, trying the ones you’re prepared to give a go, and liking or loving the rest. If you love something you’ll get it more regularly, so after a while you can receive more of your favourites.

photo 300x225 Grazing happily at my desk

My first healthy snack box from Graze

I took a picture of my first box so you can see what I got. I had a honeycomb flapjack (it’s actually three small ones); Habas Tapas (basically chilli maize and beans; didn’t think I’d like it but I did!); Garden of England (dried baby strawberries, blackberries and apple slices – very tasty); and Fruit and Nutcase (hazelnuts, milk choc drops and jumbo raisins, probably my fave of the lot). I got that box last Friday and I have just a few Habas Tapas left.

So today I got box number two and I was so excited when I heard the postman arrive I left my slippers behind when I got up to grab the post. You can choose which day of the week you want to receive your box, and it’s up to you how many boxes you want and when. I’ve opted for one on Tuesdays and one on Fridays to get me through the whole week with healthy snacks. At £3.89 a box it’s not bad at all – that’s post free and you get your first and fifth ones free if you sign up with a special code. You can use my code to enjoy a free box to start you off too if you’re in the UK – use WKGGZ61D when you sign up. Alternatively you can use my partner’s code – 6L6W54V. They say this is a limited offer so I don’t know how long it will last.

Today’s box contents!

Back to today’s box. This was a good one. I got:

* deli topped focaccia (fresh baked, with cheddar, red onion and chutney – I’m actually about to have that with my cup of tea!)
* tropical sundae (dried mango, pineapple and banana)
* natural vanilla seeds (vanilla flavoured pumpkin and sunflower seeds)
* bonnie wee oatbakes (wholegrain oatbakes with caramelised onion marmalade)

2012 07 24 15.14.39 300x225 Grazing happily at my desk

My second healthy snack box from Graze!

I took a pic on my phone so you can see it here. Doesn’t it look lovely? I love the fact you get these healthy nibbles delivered to your door and you never know what you’re going to get. There are about seventy different snacks I’ve voted to try on their site, most of which I think I’ll like, so this is a great way to eat more healthily and not to feel guilty for snacking either.

This is part of turning over a new leaf which has led to my partner and I setting strict working hours through the week too. We’re getting up at 7am, going for a walk, coming back for breakfast and then starting our own work at 8am. Then client work begins from 9am til 1pm when we have lunch. Then the afternoon runs from 2pm til 6pm. It’s working wonderfully so far. I’ve noticed I have better concentration, although whether that’s down to healthy snacking when hungry, morning walks or time away from the computer I’m not sure.

Anyway if you are in the UK and you want to give Graze a try, go to Graze and enter either of these codes (WKGGZ61D or 6L6W54V) to get your first box free. You should get your fifth one free too if you decide to carry on with it. When you join I get a pound to knock off the cost of one of my boxes, or I can donate it to the Graze School of Farming, so everyone wins.

Right – time to eat the focaccia. Cheers!

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