Hi all, and yes, I know it’s been a while since I last posted. Contrary to what you may believe, I haven’t just been eating my way through Graze boxes since I last posted on here. Well I have, but not JUST that. Honestly.

What can I say… life really did get in the way. Summer was hectic, fitting work in and around days out with family and friends. I think we were working 4 day weeks and then going out for the other 3 days for a while there. Whew. Good fun but I really understand why so many mothers breathe a sigh of relief as soon as their kids go back to school.

Normally we’d get back to normal when the summer is over, but it didn’t happen like that this year. I ended up getting out in the garden whenever the weather was good, because I’ve been working towards clearing the overgrown parts so we could get a shed base down and to actually have a couple of sheds in the garden. Our house is full of all the stuff you’d normally put in a shed, so we had to push to clear the garden before the bad weather came along.

I’ve got back into Squidoo too, and I’ve started a lens called The Evolution of a Garden that documents the battle I’ve got on my hands. You’ll get to meet our cat Jasper if you take a look. He’s the white one, usually covered in dirt. In between the rain and the wind (and sometimes during it) we managed to get the shed base down. I’ve also dug a border and re-seeded part of the lawn before the winter sets in. All my efforts are being rewarded but I haven’t had as much time for writing as I’ve had before. Here’s part of the shed saga, set in the lashing rain, at The Evolution of a Garden Shed. You can see a theme establishing itself here, can’t you? The pages are doing well and getting a lot of interest, and it’s been a nice way to share what I’m doing.

Anyway it led me to think that this blog was originally all about my online freelance writing career. But really, it’s lately been focusing more on my online freelance writing LIFE. After all we all lead a whole life, don’t we? No matter how much we love to write, the writer in us is just one part of who we are. Just lately, I’ve also been a gardener, a cook (we’ve just bought a new slow cooker and it’s cooking liver, bacon and onions for tonight… yummy).

It also means fitting more into our days. At the moment, even though the shed base is down and the border is dug, we’re waiting for one long day of good weather (i.e. not wet or windy) so we can get outside and actually put one if not both of the sheds up. Yep, we’ve got them and they’re sitting in the hall in flat packs. At this rate we could be putting them up on Christmas Day. I’m not kidding.

Aside from that we’ve ordered 50 (yes, 50) small laurel bushes to go along one side of our garden to make it look more appealing. Long boring fences do not look appealing. So they are arriving sometime next month because November is the time to plant them in this country (we’re in the UK). I dread to think how we’ll manage to get them indoors if they come on a pallet (possible) because our front door opens onto the street and the hall, where we’d normally put them, is full of, er… sheds.

So there you have it – that’s where I’ve been, mostly digging in the garden and writing as per usual and going from day to day doing various other things as well. Sometimes it’s easier to fit everything in, and other times it’s tricky. The good thing is my De Quervain’s tendonitis (I was suffering with that back around May time) seems to have cleared up so that’s good. Just in time to dig holes for all that laurel!

Catch you again soon.

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