Harrison Hooper
Harrison Hooper

Nowadays the subject matter tends to be a lot more diverse than those first few stories, but it’s just as enjoyable.  The other benefit to writing is the knowledge you build up whilst researching.  Of course I have my specialist subjects but I am lucky as I can pretty much turn my hand to most subjects.

I have now been writing professionally full time since January 2008.  Before this I wrote part time alongside my day job for quite a few months.  My main work tends to be online writing although from time to time I do write for various magazines and newsletters as well.
When I first began earning from writing in the 1990′s it was mainly via magazine articles.  I built up quite a collection of published work in the UK, including articles for The Lady, Cat World, Writers’s Forum and many more.  I also produced and published my own mail order newsletter which I would sell advertising space for to help with the production costs, and I ran this quite successfully for a few years. My only regret is that I don’t still have a copy left over for posterity!
Through my magazine work I landed a monthly column in Writers’ Forum and managed to get a comedy sketch accepted for and broadcast on LWT’s Hale & Pace.  To this day I still receive small royalty cheques wherever and whenever it’s dusted down and shown somewhere in the world.
In the late 90′s though it was becoming increasingly harder to get work accepted for magazines due to the fact that many of them were starting to rely on producing work in house.  During this time an idea had been developing and growing in my mind for a plot to a book, and having always wanted to try my hand at novel writing I decided this was the ideal time to try and get my idea down in writing.
I eventually succeeded in writing the novel and received encouraging responses from a number of agents.  It is currently languishing in a drawer, waiting for the time when I can bring it out and polish it again before renewing my attempts to find an agent.
I actually stopped writing for a while a few years back, and when I came back to it a LOT had changed.  The internet was in full swing – and that meant plenty of new markets, plenty of people wanting content and a whole new way of working.  I loved it!
It was just what I had been waiting for – even though I didn’t know it at the time.
Since discovering this brave new world I haven’t looked back.  It has enabled me to finally achieve my lifelong dream of writing for a living, and I have a lot more freedom as a result.
Who knows what will come next?  Maybe it’s time to get that novel back out again..?  In any event I have figured out that you can sell articles and build a full time income – and I sell many more things than that as well.  Perhaps you could too?
As a freelance online writer I regularly take on work from clients both old and new.  I specialise in short articles and blogging jobs, but I have done much more besides.  And if I can’t do it, I know someone who can!
So if you have an online writing job in mind and you’re looking for an experienced online writer with English as their first language, you are most welcome to get in touch.  I’m based in the UK but I have worked for clients all over the world.