It took me nine months to get my first article published back in the days when magazine publishing was the best way to go and the internet didn’t exist. I had to wait until the internet sprang into life before my own writing career could really take off in earnest.

After about five months of writing part time – around a full time job – I realised I was earning more by writing in my spare time than I ever could in that full time position. I started writing full time in January 2008, and it’s been a wild ride since! I’ve loved every moment and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The work I get from clients is varied and for the most part very exciting and enjoyable to do, and I’ve written on subjects that I never thought I could previously.

I’ve learned a lot during the time I’ve been earning a living online – nearly two years all told now – and I’d like to help others taste some success of their own as well. I started off not knowing anyone and not knowing where to go to get work – and I made it. Why shouldn’t you?

So whether you are completely new to the world of writing, a frustrated writer who can’t quite get their foot in the door, or a seasoned freelancer, I hope over the coming months and years my experience will help you along on your own journey.